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Paper Collator EC-4800


The EC-4800 is a micro-computerized table top collator with a criss-cross paper stacking system which securely separate each set of documents if flimsy and/or slippery paper is used.

EC-4600 can be expanded to 20-bin collator by connecting two towers of EC-4800 + EC-4800L.

◆ Simply designed operation panel
With use of double function keys, the operation panel is easy to recognize the machine status and easy to operate. 
◆ Independently adjustable photosensor makes it possible to use wide variety of paper types.
◆ The electronic total counter tells the operator an approximate time for a change of consuming parts
◆ Even the folded sheets are acceptable for paper feeding.
◆ Our traditional detachable feed trys are even progressed to be separated into two sections thus allowing easy access to the paper feed rollers for dealing with paper jam.



EC-4800 can be connected with various types of post-press equipment such as stapler/puncher, booklet maker and high-pile stacker thanks to the center delivery systems of paper stock.

◆ PSM-18R Stapler Puncher
PSM-18R staples and punches on up to A3 paper size at a high speed of 840 sets (stapling only on A4) per hour.
◆ BK25 Booklet Maker
BK-25 is designed for high-quality booklet making at a high speed of 2200 sets per hour. Steep angle feed tray secures neat papaer stacking.
◆ EC-46S High Pile Stacker
EC-46 is exclusively used with EC-4800/EC-4800L to pile up a large volume of collated papers.

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